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  • Love cup cake in sharjah
    Love cup cake  ..
    Love cup cake  ...
    150 AED
  • Red heart white rose cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg red  heart shape white rose cake with 10 red roses.  ..
    it is  1kg red&...
    410 AED
  • White red heart cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg white red heart shape cake.  ..
    it is  1kg whit...
    220 AED
  • Red heart Sugar paste cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg red  heart sugar paste cake. ..
    it is  1kg red&...
    225 AED
  • Red heart cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg red  heart shape cake with white heart springled on it.  ..
    it is  1kg red&...
    250 AED
  • Love Bird Cake in sharjah
    White Love bird cake is 1 kg  sugarpaste cake with two bird at the top. ..
    White Love bird cake...
    400 AED
  • Snow  Cake in sharjah
    square shape 1kg sugarpaste cake with beautifully arranged flowers like flying butterflies. ..
    square shape 1kg sug...
    300 AED
  • White Heart Cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg red  heart shape cake with white heart springled on it.  ..
    it is  1kg red&...
    200 AED
  • Chocolate a Cake in sharjah
    it is 1kg chocolate  cake beautifully decorated . ..
    it is 1kg chocolate&...
    125 AED
  • Caramel Farrero combo in sharjah
    1kg Caramel cake with 10 milky bar chocolate boquete and ,10 fresh rose boquete and 16 pieces of ferrero chocolate  ..
    1kg Caramel cake wit...
    435 AED
  • Galaxy Flower Combo in sharjah
    Galaxy flower combo is a compleate  gift combo with  12 pieces of galaxy chocolate  bouquete ,10 red rose boquete,one teddybear and 4 diarymilk bar chocolate. ..
    Galaxy flower combo ...
    360 AED
  • Colourfull Flower Boquet Strawberry Cake Combo in sharjah
    Colourfull Flower Boquet Strawberry Cake Combo is a compleate gift combo with a 6 colourfull fresh rose boquete ,strawberry cake ,10 milky bar boquete and a tddy bear. ..
    Colourfull Flower Bo...
    360 AED
  • Chocolate Cake Milky Bar Combo in sharjah
    It is the compained gift combo which includes 1kg yummy chocolate cake with 6 red rose boquete ,milky bar chocolate boquete ,one teddy bear and ferraro chocolate box. ..
    It is the compained ...
    469 AED
  • Choco1 Chocalate Cake in sharjah
    choco1 chocolate cake is 1 kg 1 layered cake with chocolate flavour. ..
    choco1 chocolate cak...
    150 AED
  • Galaxy Cake combo in sharjah
    Galaxy cake combo include 1kg cake 6 flower 10 galaxy chocolate bouquete and one teedy bear. ..
    Galaxy cake combo in...
    449 AED
  • Nutella Cake in sharjah
    nutella cake is 1kg cake designed and decorated with nutella. ..
    nutella cake is 1kg ...
    149 AED
    Based on 1 reviews. in sharjah
  • Purple  Cake  in sharjah
    Purple cake is a  one kg cream cake which is beautifully decorated  with purple colour flower and purple balls at the bottom . ..
    Purple cake is a &nb...
    175 AED
  • Compleate chocolate  Combo in sharjah
    Compleate combo includes 1kg chocolate cake ,ferraro choclate box, 12 pices of mix chocolate  bar boquete ,12 red rose boquete and a small teddy bear. ..
    Compleate combo incl...
    510 AED
  • Simple love Cake in sharjah
    Simple love cake is a round shaped cake which is simply decorared.cake is 1kg in weight. ..
    Simple love cake is ...
    200 AED
  • Reddish Rose Cake in sharjah
    Reddish rose cake is a round shaped cake which is beautifully decorated with red roses  arranged like heart shape and chocolate balls are rounding the cake .cake is made of sugar paste and is of 1kg in weight . ..
    Reddish rose cake is...
    250 AED
  • Frozen Cake in sharjah
    Frozen charchter  cake  2.5Kg + suitable for 20+ppl   ..
    Frozen charchter &nb...
    450 AED
  • Mix Hear Shape cake Gift in sharjah
    1 kg Hearsh shpe mix cake  1/2 snicker Flavour 1/2 Caramel Flavour ..
    1 kg Hearsh shpe mix...
    200 AED
  • Graduation Cake Gift in sharjah
    Graduation Cake Gift. The best way to congratulate your son/ daughter or any one  2kg Suger icing  suitable for 16+     ..
    Graduation Cake Gift...
    350 AED
  • 12 Small Red Rose Bouquet in sharjah
    Atrractive boquets of small red roses . Depending on availability, components such as color and design, may vary ..
    Atrractive boquets o...
    160 AED