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    Birthday Cakes

    Heart Step Cake

    AED 315.00

    Honey Bee Cake

    AED 315.00

    Honey Cake

    AED 159.00

    JCB Birthday Cake

    AED 475.00

    Kids theme cake

    AED 579.00

    Kinder Chocolate Birthday Cake

    AED 202.50 AED 270.00

    Kitkat Heart Birthday Cake

    AED 195.00 AED 260.00

    Kitkat Oreo Birthday Cake

    AED 221.25 AED 295.00

    Ladies Bag Cake

    AED 369.00

    Lime Cake

    AED 159.00

    Lotus delicious cake

    AED 131.25 AED 175.00

    Lovely Chocolate Cake

    AED 66.75 AED 79.00

    Makeup Kit Cake

    AED 475.00

    Mango cake

    AED 119.25 AED 159.00

    Mango Mousse Cake

    AED 199.00

    Mango Special Cake

    AED 126.75 AED 169.00

    Mickey Mouse Cake

    AED 315.00

    Mickey Theme Cake

    AED 589.00

    Minion Cake

    AED 525.00

    Mixed cake

    AED 210.00

    MM Cake

    AED 159.00

    Mom Cake

    AED 155.00

    Mom Gift Cake

    AED 210.00

    Mountain Cake

    AED 630.00

    Naughty Chocolate Cake

    AED 66.75 AED 89.00

    Nea Gun Cake

    AED 315.00

    Nutella Special Cake

    AED 141.75 AED 189.00

    Ocean Cake

    AED 315.00

    Orange Cake

    AED 159.00

    Ornaments Cake

    AED 369.00

    Owl Cake

    AED 315.00

    Pearl Rose Cake

    AED 101.25 AED 135.00

    Pineapple cake

    AED 123.75 AED 165.00

    Pink cake

    AED 315.00

    Powerman Cake

    AED 315.00

    Pretty Heart Cake

    AED 185.00

    Puppy House Cake

    AED 579.00

    Rabbit Cake

    AED 525.00

    Rainbow 1 Cake

    AED 315.00

    Rainbow Cake

    AED 630.00

    Real Chocolate Snickers Cake

    AED 134.25 AED 179.00

    Red Berry Cake

    AED 159.00

    Red Birthday Cake

    AED 525.00

    Red Book Cake

    AED 419.00

    Red Car Cake

    AED 420.00

    Red Heart Cake

    AED 265.00

    Red Velvet Cake

    AED 149.00

    Red Velvet Cake with Hearts

    AED 66.75 AED 89.00

    Reddish Strawberry Cake

    AED 115.50 AED 154.00

    Rich Chocolate Birthday Cake

    AED 149.25 AED 199.00

    Romantic Cake

    AED 235.00

    Rose Heart Cake

    AED 265.00

    Rose Leaf Cake

    AED 159.00

    Ruman Cake

    AED 169.00

    Safe Journey Cake

    AED 260.00

    Sandwich Cake

    AED 525.00

    Scenery Cake

    AED 159.00

    Seventeen Cake

    AED 630.00

    Shoe Cake

    AED 475.00

    Simple Caramel Cake

    AED 101.25 AED 135.00

    Simple Chocolate cake

    AED 59.25 AED 79.00

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    Birthday Cakes

    Best birthday cakes are available for delivery or collection from our boutique bakeries. There are luxury birthday cakes to suit all ages and tastes, male and female. Customers can personalise their birthday cakes by adding names and numbers, or special birthday messages. Order birthday cakes. If you don't see cake you are looking for Call 050 176 5247 or Email us giftdubaionline@gmail.com

    Birthday Cakes Delivery in Dubai

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    What is the best gift delivery in Dubai? Well it depends on the guest that you want to gift as also the occasion. Gift Dubai online is always one of the finest option giftdubaionline.com a place where easiest way to order cakes, sweets, chocolates etc. online and gets delivery in Dubai region.

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