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    Popular Perfume Brands for Women


    For Emiratis, perfumes are more than just a way of life. The usage of attar is an age-old tradition that has only given room for scaling over to bigger brands and contribute to the Arabic lifestyle. Carrying on this 5000-year-old tradition, we bring you some of the most beloved perfume gifts for her that are adored by not just women in the UAE but across the world too.

    Jimmy Choo Signature Perfume Gifts for Her

    There are several different fragrances available in the Jimmy Choo Signature range such as Fever, Illicit, Blossom, Floral, L’eau, Illicit Flower and Flash. Each of these has its unique set of aromas that keep you captivated and confident. The fragrance is mesmerising and comes with fruity and gourmand accords.

    Send Perfume Gifts - Estee Lauder

    Using indigenous ingredients from the middle east, Estee Lauder has a wood mystique to it and carries a blend of modern good taste and ancient hand-crafted luxury. Some of the top notes are comprised of distilled rose, peony and pepper. Middle notes are made up of organic Egyptian jasmine, orris Morocco, agarwood, and raspberry to name a few.

    Tom Ford Noir de Noir - Gift a perfume

    The indulgent Tom Ford celebrates both the Yin and the Yang. Its scent is oriental, and comes with a rich feminine side and even blends it with a masculine earthiness such as oud wood, tree moss, and patchouli.

    Yves Saint Laurent - Libre Eau De Parfume

    Belonging to the floral family, and with a warm floral scent type, YSL combines Moroccan orange blossom sensuality with a daring vanilla extract note that brings about a unique scent. Even the container makes a couture statement with its dress and black asymmetric cap.

    Chanel N°5

    A timeless and iconic fragrance, Chanel rightfully earns its place at the top. Created sometime in 1921 the perfume is markedly different from the others due to its distinctive structure. This is a tangy, sparkly, and champagne-like perfume that changed the face of fragrance forever.

    Kilian White Cristal Eau

    Another brand favoured by women, Kilian envelops the senses and comes with a rather addictive sensuality and a sweet gourmand chord. Both these notes are also softened by vanilla and dried fruit that are put together with keynotes of Cedarwood, nutmeg and Patchouli.

    Designer Shaik

    An opulent perfume that comes in one of the most beautifully carved bottles, Designer Shaik has a floral scent that is adored by all women. It combines a milky sandalwood note, with its already opulent scent to provide a mysteriousness to the woman who wears it.

    Giorgio Armani’s Vert Malachite

    Inspired by the vastness of Russia's magnificent landscapes the Vert Malachite perfume is powerful, ethereal, and very feminine as far as sensuality is concerned. Armani ensured that this delicate and full of light perfume was a celebration of Russian culture.

    Ghawali - Parfum Al Barez

    A brilliant and uplifting fragrance, Ghawali, Parfum Al Barez, comes with top notes of bergamot that is citrusy while also including mossy patchouli and musk notes. Besides, floral notes of jasmine and violet also heighten its fragrance.

    To gift perfumes to the women in your life, reach out to GDO.

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