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  • Combo Gifts

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    Combo Gifts


    While giving a gift by itself is a powerful act, a combo gift basket is one of the best gift ideas you can ever come up with. This way you can actually match up to the requirements of the occasion. Combination gifts come with some specific advantages. For one, you can put several favorites into one combo gift. This will only make the receiver of the gift happier. Besides, you can buy various types of gifts of your choice and fit them into one basket. Gift Dubai Online brings a variety of combo gifts for several occasions. Over the years, we have noticed that the cake-flower combo is the most preferred choice of gift and therefore made it a point to present a unique collection of such packages. Book any one of our combo gifts online, and we will deliver it to the address of your choice, even with the message you want!

    Here are some popular combo gifts especially for the giver in you!

    Birthday Perfumes Combo Match a delectable chocolate cake with a colorful bouquet of roses and perfume. With this combo gift, the birthday celebration rolls over to the next level!

    Black Forest Combo Cake

    A black forest cake topped with cherries and a bouquet full of lush bright red roses is sent to the one you love. You may use this combo gift for an anniversary or a birthday – you choose!

    Caramel Ferrero Cake

    Celebrating your little one’s birthday? Here is the perfect combo gift you can give your child, to show your love. A rich caramel cake is coupled with a bouquet of red roses, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a big Milky Bar bouquet, and most of all a teddy bear!

    Exquisite Family-Friendly Hamper

    The hamper combo gift is another way of showing your close friends and family that you care! You may fill it up with luscious cookies, chocolate syrup, a loving little teddy bear, and more chocolates. Alternatively, tell us the items of your choice, and let us customize the hamper for you!

    Christmas Gifts Combo

    There are several combo gifts for Christmas available with us. Choose from four different blends, all of which come with a small Christmas tree, decorations, and a lovely cake. The cakes are a choice of chocolate and red and white vanilla! Reach out to GDO today for your combo gift order!

    For your every need, look no further than our large selection of fresh flowers, gourmet chocolates, and luxurious gifts.