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    Gifts For Her

    Fruit Cake

    AED 195.00

    2 Heart Cake

    AED 630.00

    6 Roses Bouquet

    AED 79.00

    Anniversary Combo

    AED 369.00

    Baby Shower Cake

    AED 369.00

    BabyShoe Cake

    AED 525.00

    Bag Cake

    AED 525.00


    AED 80.00

    Barazek Cake

    AED 80.00

    Barcelona cake

    AED 419.00

    Basbousa kista

    AED 69.00

    Basbousa Mix

    AED 159.00

    Basbousa pieces

    AED 69.00

    Batman Cake

    AED 472.00


    AED 69.00

    Best Friend Combo

    AED 179.00

    Best Mum Mug

    AED 45.00

    Birthday cake

    AED 229.00

    Birthday Mug

    AED 45.00

    Black Heart Cake

    AED 169.00

    Blueberry Cake

    AED 155.00

    Brown Cake

    AED 315.00


    AED 55.00

    Camel Cake

    AED 210.00

    Camera Theme Cake

    AED 470.00

    Cap Cake

    AED 425.00

    Cappuccino cake

    AED 155.00

    Car Brand Cake

    AED 315.00

    Car Theme Cake

    AED 579.00

    Car theme cake

    AED 295.00

    Cat Cake

    AED 189.00

    Cheese Bread

    AED 65.00

    Cheppal Cake

    AED 420.00

    Chief cake

    AED 399.00

    Choco Mousse Cake

    AED 199.00

    Choco Rose Cake

    AED 159.00

    Chocolate a Cake

    AED 149.00

    Chocolate Boquete

    AED 275.00

    Chocolate Box

    AED 315.00

    Chocolate box

    AED 315.00

    Chocolate Box

    AED 315.00

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    Gifts For Her

    We are glad to welcome you in our online store. It is a well-known fact that beautiful gifts are beloved by everybody so here you have a unique opportunity to find beautiful and healthy gifts. You’ll agree that there is nothing more pleasant and romantic than receiving elegant gifts. Details are always important and if you are going to make something important - like bringing happiness to your family and friends - than our  gifts will help you to make it right and with style.


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