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Customized Glass Crystals

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Custom Crystal Key Chain Gifts

Did you know that the key chain is considered a symbol of power? The greater the number of keys in the chain, the more the power. A key chain full of keys represents more than just safety and security. The key chain is an embodiment of responsibility, trust, and perseverance. Besides, the key chain also symbolizes the large responsibility that you hold towards others.

Therefore, you must possess a personalized crystal key chain bling that you can add to the bundle of keys. Crystal key chains come in a variety of styles such as raw quartz shaped in distinctive chunks, delicate figurines embedded with rhinestones, and much more. Other key chains are crystal cut into shapes that are carved into the flat side. Some key chains are in the form of colored glass teardrops and many have replicas of photographs sandwiched in between.

A sturdy decoration, the crystal key chain can keep the most cluttered key set absolutely organized and can make it look like a stunning accessory, ready to use and befitting most of your attires. A split spiral keyring is a common design affixed for practical usage of the key chain. Slide the keys under the split and push it around till they are all securely placed inside and then attach the crystal decoration to beget a complete crystal key chain gift. You may even fasten it on with a strap or a clip as per your convenience.

A personalized crystal key chain can be commemorative, or simply be an attractive gift that conveys something to your friend, relative, or lover. If you were to ever drop your key chain – say – in a grocery or department store, you should easily be able to identify it.

Furthermore, the custom crystal key chain is a great gift when you combine raw crystals of different colors to form a particular shape or design. Alternatively, attach the birthstone of persons to who you wish to present these custom crystal key chain gifts.

Give the user some added interest when you incorporate macramé or paracord designs in the crystals. For instance, you could have a cat figurine embedded with a crystal bead collar or an owl with crystal bead eyes. You might also want to consider a mini-flashlight studded with rhinestones or a locator fob for the one who is constantly losing the key chain.

Attach displays of neatly sculpted charms onto the key chain or ask for a specific and unique design with the persons’ initials on them. Key chains are used every day. When you give a pretty key chain as a gift, it becomes a memory, every day.

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