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    Privacy Policy

    www.giftdubailonline.com, “we”, “our”, “us” is committed to protect the privacy of every user. This document is meant to explain how your personal information is collected, used, stored and disclosed by us.

    Note: This Privacy Policy forms a part of all the other regulatory documents including terms and conditions, disclaimers etc. Users are advised to go through this document carefully before browsing our website. If you are already using the website, then it only means that you fully agree to the points, terms and conditions, present in this privacy policy. You expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, by the mere use of this website.

    Information Collected

    Whenever you visit our website or make a purchase or subscribe to our newsletter or fill out a form, or respond to a survey, we might collect the following information:

    • Name / Username
    • Phone Numbers
    • Email Addresses
    • Mailing Addresses
    • Billing Addresses

    Information Usage

    Any information provided by you to us may be used in one of the following ways:

    • To personalise and improve your experience with us and to respond better to individual needs
    • To improve our services to you by providing you with offerings based on the feedback received from you
    • To better our customer services so that we can provide effective and efficient responses to your customer service support needs
    • To process all orders and transactions
    • To promote, contest, administer, survey and other features of the site
    • To send emails and other necessary communication when required

    Third Party customer information

    When you contact us, we may receive information from third parties as well. For instance, we receive information from a third party that provides automated fraud detection services, when you submit your email address to us. Occasionally, we also collect information publicly available on social media sites. By changing your privacy settings, you can control the amount of information that is made public on social media.

    Sharing collected information

    Both personal and non-personal information may be shared with third parties such as promotional partners, marketing partners, advertisers, contest sponsors, those who provide our content, or whose products and services might interest you. If we are in a merger, asset sale, we may also share information with our affiliates and business partners. All your personal and non-personal information will be transferred to the successors in the event of a business reorganisation.

    We are also likely to share your information with trusted third parties and service providers to perform some functions for us. They can be hosting, server maintenance, database management and storage, credit card processing, order fulfilment, customer service or any other products and services that you purchase from our platform. Some personal as well as non-personal information may be shared with these third parties to enable them to perform their services seamlessly, for you and for us.

    Portions of our log file data may also be shared including IP addresses with third parties such as application developers, web developers, ad networks and other web analytics partners. Your technographics such as speed of connection, and general location, can be estimated with your IP address, depending upon the type of device used to access the service and whether you have visited the service in a shared location. Auditing research and report services for us and our advertisers will be provided as they aggregate our advertising information.

    Your personal and non-personal information may also be disclosed to the government, law enforcement officials and other private parties at our discretion, provided we believe that it is necessary or appropriate to respond to legal processes including subpoenas, respond to claims, protect our rights and interests and those of the third party, to stop any unethical or illegal activity and protect the safety of any person or public or to generally comply to all applicable court orders,laws, rules and regulations.

    Although we are based in the UAE, information collected due to direct interaction with you may be transferred to our other offices, employees and third party based outside the UAE. The information may be viewed publicly and hosted anywhere worldwide including in countries where cyber laws do not regulate the usage and transfer of such data. In any case, the moment you share your information, you voluntarily consent to the cross-border transfer of your data.

    When and where is information collected from users?

    Personal information is collected when you submit to us. As described above, we may also receive your personal information from third parties as expressed above.

    Using Your Email Address

    You agree to receive emails from us, when you submit your email address on our website. You can always opt out of receiving the emails by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button or any other such provision. Unsolicited commercial emails are never sent by us. We only send emails to people who have authorised us to contact them. With you submitting your email address, you will also allow us to use your email address on social media sites like Facebook and similar platforms. If you submit your email address through the order processing page, then we will use it to send your information about your order and if your email address has been provided through any other means, we will use it to send information to you pertaining to other items mentioned in the policy.You can also unsubscribe from receiving these emails, through instructions sent to you in the bottom of the email itself.

    Secure collection of information

    We take all precautions to protect the security of your information. Our systems – physical,electronics and otherwise, are setup against stringent protocols that prevent unauthorised access,maintain data security, use information appropriately, and help safeguard information as much as possible. However, none of these security systems anywhere including encryption systems, are fool proof. People do commit intentional crimes or fail to follow policies and can even end up making mistakes. Nevertheless, we do make reasonable efforts to protect your information,although we do not guarantee absolute protection.

    Updating or correcting information

    Depending upon your relationship with us, we will provide you with rights to request updates or corrections to the information that you have provided and we have collected from you. As detailed in our employee policies, our personnel will duly update the information for you, as requested. You can also impose restrictions on certain disclosures and uses of personally identifiable information as follows:

    Contact us if you want to:

    • Rectify or update your personal information
    • Change your communication preferences and other information that you receive from us
    • Subject to cancelling your account, you can also delete all personally identifiable information on our systems

    These updates and corrections will not affect the other information that we maintain and those that we have provided to third parties according to this Privacy Policy before updating, correcting, changing or deleting information. We also take all steps to protect your security and privacy by taking reasonable steps including requesting a unique password from you to ascertain if the person making the request is indeed you before correcting the information or granting access to your profile. We, however, request you to maintain the secrecy of your account information and password at all times. You must know that technically and technologically, it is not possible to remove all your information from your systems. We periodically back up information to prevent periodic losses, in which case, your information will also be present in our non-erasable storage, which is not just difficult or impossible to locate. All personal information stored in our actively used databases and readily available media will be updated, changed, corrected or deleted, the moment we receive the request from you. This will be done to the extent that it is practically possible. Contact the organisation of which you are a customer, if you are an end user, wishes to update, delete or receive any information we possess about you.

    Governing Laws

    Excluding the conflict of law rules, the laws of UAE shall govern this Agreement / Privacy Policy and the use of our services. You use of our services may also be subject to other local, state, national and international laws.


    Data stored on your computer or mobile device is tracked by us to personalise the content you see on our website. Web browsers may also disable the use of Cookies if not required. However, if you disable Cookies, the functionality of our website may not be fully accessible to you.

    Modification of information on our websites

    All information on our website is representational only and the actual product delivered may vary. Some products or information published on the website may not be available. We reserve the right to change, update or delete the information present on our websites and servers at our discretion. We also reserve the right to make any changes to this Privacy Policy when required.

    Third party links

    Some third-party links may be present on our website. Users are advised to subscribe to their products or services at your own discretion. We cannot be held responsible for what is displayed by third parties. Besides, third party information, their products and services is governed by terms and conditions and privacy policies of their own.


    You will have to make payments online for the products and services used by you, from our website. In such cases, we will collect sensitive credit card information to process the payment.We are committed to the confidentiality of every information provided to us and we will maintain utmost security of such information. Check our confidentiality clauses, terms and conditions and disclaimers for more details.

    For any information do not hesitate to contact us at: www.giftdubailonline.com,

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