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    We are as excited as you are to celebrate the month-long Ramadan. Our enthusiasms know no bounds. The ninth month on the Islamic calendar is extremely pious for the Muslim community worldwide. With a set of norms and abstinences, devotees fast from dawn until sunset doing various holy activities. True devotion and godliness are evoked both physically and spiritually as you fast during the blessed month.

    From April 12, 2021, to May 21, 2021, the excitement is full, up until the big Eid ul Fitr festival. You must have also prepared a list of things that you should be doing during Ramadan. Here's ours:

    Reciting the Holy Quran As far as communicating with the Almighty is concerned, there are no barriers, especially during Ramadan. Humans can pray for forgiveness and connect with God as we recite the Holy Quran.

    Greetings and Wishes for your Muslim Friends An important part of the occasion, you must wish and greet all your family and friends. Ramadan is meant to bring people together. Convey your greetings in Arabic with ‘Ramadan Kareem’.

    Dressing Up Choose the right clothes, as you appear in public with your family. Go shopping for the best, embroidered attires for the event. Look dazzling to make yourself and everyone around you feel beautiful.

    Thank You Gifts Iftar invitations are an honour, and if you are lucky, you may get invited too. Appreciate the host with a gift, or with flowers as you give them ‘Thank You’ Ramadan gifts. Look into our portal at for a range of Ramadan gifts, sweets, and chocolates.

    Donations Encourage unity and donate graciously during the holy month. Help those in need as you contribute your bit to the community and society at large.

    Friends and colleagues who are fasting are also being productive during the entire month. We must ensure that they get the peaceful vibes of Ramadan.

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