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Are you cutting your cake, right?


Birthday? Wedding? Anniversary? We’re sure there is a cake for every occasion. Typically, a round cake is cut into triangular slices. But did you know you can also cut them into smaller square pieces or thin long strips? There was even a study conducted by a scientist to see that every cut piece of cake remains fresh and moist.

The EVEN Triangle method

The trick for cutting a cake lies in choosing a big enough knife to cut the entire cake across. For instance, if your cake is around 25 cm or 10 in. long, your knife should also measure as big. If your knife is smaller, then slide the knife right along the top of the cake.

Before you begin cutting, soak the knife in warm water. Again, this should be a tall glass of water that can sink the entire knife. Leave the assembly in its place until you get ready to cut the cake.

Then, take the knife out and wipe the water off. Hold it straight above the length and draw a line across the centre of the cake.

To do this, you may use the fingertips of your non-dominant hand to hold the knife’s tip and the dominant hand to hold the handle.

A rocking motion back and forth from the handle to the tip should score a straight line. Don’t cut the entire cake yet but simply press across the frosting up until the first layer.

Then hold the knife at a 70-degree angle and score a second line that cuts through the first. It should be about 1/6th of the entire cake.

Cut a third line through the smaller triangle to make half the cake look like it is made up of two triangles one large and the other small. A third line should divide the small one exactly in the middle, in half. Notice that the cake is divided into 4 pieces with the first three lines and the smallest pieces will be the size of the final ones.

Now divide the larger triangle into 3 pieces by scoring 2 more lines into it. With this, you will get three even sections.

Each of the 5 triangles should be at a 36-degree angle approximately. Remember you want all the pieces to be equal in size. Up until now only one half of the cake has been divided into 5 pieces. And four lines are jutting out from only one side of the cake. You can further divide these 5 pieces to make 10 pieces in all. When you do the same procedure on the other side, you can have 20 pieces of cake.

These are just the lines you have drawn. To finally cut the cake in its entirety, dip the knife again in warm water and cut through the lines drawn on the frosting. Slowly pull the knife from under the cake and scoop the piece of cake with a spatula. You may also wait till you have cut deep into the entire cake to serve the pieces.

Another technique to cut and preserve your cake

Alex Bellos, the mathematician, described a smart way to cut a cake. With the same warm water and knife technique, slice the cake right down its middle. Then cut an adjacent line right next to the first one with a little distance in between.

Remove the piece in the middle and bring the cake back together to look like an entire circle. Tie a rubber band around it and preserve it for another consumption.

You can do the same thing again, every time you want a piece of cake, you can repeat the process.

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