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    Benefits of flowers and plants for your health and well-being


    Most of us love plants and flowers. We might not buy ourselves bouquets every week, but our natural affinity to nature and flowers always draws us towards them.

    Scientists have conducted several studies that look at this very question, and the results are, we should say, not surprising. The scientific community, after a thorough investigation, concluded that flowers and plants are indeed, good for our health. Exposing yourself to nature on a regular basis can actually prove beneficial. Mental health is actually spruced up even with a small yellow flower, or even a red rose.

    Here are some amazing benefits of flowers and plants:

    Did you know that there is no exact cure for the common cold, and you are bound to catch one at some point in time? But there is scientific evidence that plants can help heal the common cold. Winters can be really annoying because all that lack of humidity only leads to infection. Flowers, on the contrary, release moisture into the air, which elevates dry skin, throat and cough. Thus, seasonal illnesses can be easily addressed with simple plants and flowers around you.

    Your mood is highly improved when someone who cares about you sends flowers. The gesture is always impactful. Receive a bouquet of red roses, or some plants that can be grown in the UAE, and you will experience a great mood, feel boosted emotionally and subsequently, your health improves. Once you experience a good mood, you are bound to bounce back from any illness or injury faster than anticipated. Why do you think people often gift flowers to patients at hospitals? Healthcare professionals also recognise the positivity in plants and flowers.

    As astounding as it might sound, flowers also help improve memory. This is proven scientifically. Since air is oxygenated by plants and flowers, brain cells are boosted, and clarity, concentration and memory, are all improved.

    Plants and flowers can be extremely relaxing. Have you ever noticed how gardening keeps you happy? It is one of the healthiest activities that you can pursue, which wades you out of stress and frustration. Bath sachets and other products that contain floral elements also have the ability to relax you. Visit the garden, and you can relax. This is due to the science behind the existence of flowers and plants around us.

    Stress and anxiety are alleviated when plants and flowers are nearby. In 2016, a report submitted by Mind, a mental health charity, reported that at least 6% of the population in the UK had anxiety issues. Flowers and plants can actually restore peace, and this is true in the most worrying of situations. Infuse positivity into your loved ones’ lives through flowers and plants.

    Get fresh potted plants at the office or in the home to increase positive energy. The colour and scent automatically contribute to an increase in enthusiasm. Additionally, your creativity will see a leap when you keep flowers and plants around you.

    Flowers and plants are eternal joy givers. You don’t need an occasion to tell someone you care. Get beautiful and colourful bouquets on www.giftdubaionline.com.

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