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    Best Thanksgiving Gifts you can give away


    Thanksgiving is celebrated on November 25th this year, and there are a lot of blessings that we can count on. It is about celebrating the harvest, the sacrifices, the profits and all that you garnered the previous year. A highly secular occasion that honours gratitude and positively rejoices contentedness. Gather all your friends and family together for a feast, and practice thankfulness. Alternatively, suppose you are headed over to a friend’s, family, relative’s house for dinner; in that case, you can easily plan your gifts way ahead with the myriad offerings available on Gift Dubai Online. From cupcakes to hampers to soft gifts, there are millions of ways in which you can express your gratitude to your near and dear ones. Here are some thanksgiving gift ideas that you must try this year.


    An eternal gift token flowers befit any occasion, and Thanksgiving is no different. You will find an assortment of flowers in our ‘All Flowers’ section. Check out the variety of roses in its myriad colours that you can combine with chocolates to mark the special occasion. Flowers represent purity in thought – put them into a stylish vase and watch them bloom as they also elate your mood.

    Gift baskets and hampers

    Some of the best and most thoughtful gift baskets are available with us. For example, get the all-time healthy fruit basket containing grapes, apples, pears and much more. Or buy the sinful chocolate box arrangement that includes Belgian chocolates, Rahash, Muvala Kamoon, Muvala sim sim, and more.

    A Coffee Hamper

    Gift baskets and coffee are the perfect combinations. There are several genera of coffee available around the world. Look for some of the most exotic ones available in the UAE. Placing small sachets or bottles of these in a single basket will thrill the receiver into trying every included brand of coffee.

    Scented Candles

    For a soothing effect – to regulate your mood and minimise the harsh impacts of dopamine and serotonin, all you need is scented candles. Light one of these and experience positive emotions and evoke good memories through aromas that trigger only the goodness in your emotional state. In addition, you can spread the thanksgiving cheer when you present a collection of scented candles to the receiver.


    Succulent plants can be delightful and marvellous to look at. Indoor gardening has the ability to boost productivity, creativity and improve focus. Plants within the house come with some great health benefits as well. Research has suggested that houseplants can improve respiratory function and skin by increasing humidity through the release of water vapour into the air. Headaches and allergies are alleviated as there is an incredible benefit to respiratory tissues.


    Chocolates mark the sweetness of a celebration. These are an eternal way of expressing delight, joy and thankfulness—what better way than to demonstrate your gratitude with chocolates. At GDO, we have traditional, classic, and modern assortments of sweets and chocolates that you can choose from. There are a range of chocolate trays, sweet arrangements, egg design chocolates big and small, the sweets hamper and much more.

    You can also get some really appreciative gifts on GDO, such as mugs, cushions, crystals, and others – all of which can be customised. Send in your customisation requests for the items, and we will do the needful for you. So, this Thanksgiving, acknowledge and appreciate the presence of your near and dear ones through these unique gifts.

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