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    Cake Delivery in Umm al Quwain

    16 Cup Cake Mix

    AED 192.00

    Baby Shark Cake

    AED 199.00

    Best Friend Combo

    AED 169.00

    Birthday Cake

    AED 200.00

    Blue Easter Cake

    AED 195.00

    Car theme cake

    AED 450.00

    Chocolacious Cake

    AED 149.00

    Chocolate a Cake

    AED 140.00

    Chocolate Boquete

    AED 260.00

    Chocolate Cake

    AED 130.00

    Chocolate Cake

    AED 125.00

    Easter Cream Cake

    AED 189.00

    Eid Flakes Cake

    AED 155.00

    Eid Green Cake

    AED 140.00

    Eid Rose Cake

    AED 195.00

    Eid Vanilla Cake

    AED 140.00

    Football Cake

    AED 400.00

    Fresh Pista Cake

    AED 149.00

    Frozen Cake

    AED 450.00

    Galaxy Cake combo

    AED 449.00

    Halloween Cake

    AED 250.00

    Happy Cake Combo

    AED 229.00

    Kids theme cake

    AED 550.00

    KitKat Cake

    AED 169.00

    Love Bird Cake

    AED 400.00

    Love cup cake

    AED 100.00

    Love cup cake

    AED 120.00

    Love You Cake

    AED 225.00

    Nutella Cake

    AED 149.00

    Oreo Cheese Cake

    AED 199.00

    Oreo Choco Cake

    AED 159.00

    Pearl Rose Cake

    AED 129.00

    Photo Cake

    AED 190.00

    Purple Cake

    AED 150.00

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    Cake Delivery in Umm al Quwain

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