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  • Choco1 Chocalate Cake in sharjah
    choco1 chocolate cake is 1 kg 1 layered cake with chocolate flavour. ..
    choco1 chocolate cak...
    150 AED
  • Smiley Cake Combo  in sharjah
    Smiley Cake with 6 Roses , 6 balloons its nice combo. ..
    Smiley Cake with 6 R...
    300 AED
  • White Forest Combo in sharjah
    1Kg White forest fresh cake  6 red rose bouquet. Perfect gift idea for your loved one Sharjah , Abu Dhabi , Dubai , Ajman, Umm al quwain, Ras al Khaimah .       We carry gift combinations with cakes,sweets,chocolates perfumes,flowers, greeting cards, mugs and lot many mo..
    1Kg White forest fre...
    185 AED
    Based on 2 reviews. in sharjah
  • Balloon Cake Combo in sharjah
    1kg cake with 6 helium balloons ..
    1kg cake with 6 heli...
    210 AED
  • Cute Baby Chocolate Cake in sharjah
    Round shaped 1kg chocolate cake withphoto on it. ..
    Round shaped 1kg cho...
    200 AED
  • Love Cake in sharjah
    Cake is a round shaped cake covered with sugar paste.and the red heart is present at the top. ..
    Cake is a round shap...
    250 AED
  • Blue Photo Cake Gift in sharjah
    1kg square photocake  ..
    1kg square photocake...
    200 AED
    Based on 1 reviews. in sharjah
  • kitkat cake flower combo in sharjah
    1 kg kit kat cake  6 fresh red rose bouquet .    Order from anywhere in the world and we do deliver in Dubai , Sharjah , Ajman , Abu Dhabi , Umm al Quiwan , Ras Al Khaimah   ..
    1 kg kit kat cake&nb...
    250 AED
    Based on 2 reviews. in sharjah
  • Valentine special cake in sharjah
    Valentine special cake in dark brown color, two heart shapes in corner of the cake its looking more beautiful. ..
    Valentine special ca...
    85 AED
  • Rainbow Chocolate Cake in sharjah
    Cake is round in shape with coloured ribbon on the top and it is a cream, cake is  sarrounded with rainbow chocolates. ..
    Cake is round in sha...
    85 AED
  • Black Heart Cake in sharjah
    Heart shaped cake with roses on it and it is made of sugarpaste. ..
    Heart shaped cake wi...
    150 AED
  • Flower Chocolate Cake  in sharjah
    1 kg chocolate and 6 red rose flower bouquet   We take order from anywhere and do cake delivery in dubai, sharjah ,ajman, abu dhabi, ras al khaimah  ..
    1 kg chocolate and 6...
    209 AED
  • Friendship Combo in sharjah
    10 yellow roses with  1kg honey cake ..
    10 yellow roses with...
    325 AED
    Based on 1 reviews. in sharjah
  • Strawberry Cake  in sharjah
    Stylish Strawberry Cake in round shape,some chocolate pieces scattered in around the cake it's very special in strawberry cake. ..
    Stylish Strawberry C...
    100 AED
  • Flex Cake Combo  in sharjah
    Small flex cake with 12flower bouquet ,6 heallium heart shape balloon      ..
    Small flex cake with...
    315 AED350 AED
  • Mix Hear Shape cake Gift in sharjah
    1 kg Hearsh shpe mix cake  1/2 snicker Flavour 1/2 Caramel Flavour ..
    1 kg Hearsh shpe mix...
    200 AED
  • Birthday Special Cake  in sharjah
    Birthday cake looking very simple design and very attractive color. ..
    Birthday cake lookin...
    200 AED
  • Chocolate Cake Milky Bar Combo in sharjah
    It is the compained gift combo which includes 1kg yummy chocolate cake with 6 red rose boquete ,milky bar chocolate boquete ,one teddy bear and ferraro chocolate box. ..
    It is the compained ...
    469 AED
  • White Forest Cake Flower Combo  in sharjah
    1kg White Forest Cake , 12 Flower bouquet, 6 heart shape hellium baloon ..
    1kg White Forest Cak...
    299 AED325 AED
  • 12 Small Red Rose Bouquet in sharjah
    Atrractive boquets of small red roses . Depending on availability, components such as color and design, may vary ..
    Atrractive boquets o...
    160 AED
  • Cake Flower Teddy bear Combo  in sharjah
    Delecious Cake of 1kg with the smell of 10 fresh roses and a teddybear. ..
    Delecious Cake of 1k...
    410 AED
  • Yellow Cake combo in sharjah
    1 kg cake cake and 1 red rose      ..
    1 kg cake cake and ...
    200 AED
  • White red heart cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg white red heart shape cake.  ..
    it is  1kg whit...
    220 AED
  • Ice Cream Mouse  in sharjah
     ice cream mouse cake  mix on glass , chocolate, lotus ,strawberry, vanila flavour ..
     ice cream mous...
    75 AED
  • Special Yellow Cake  in sharjah
    Stylish yellow cake decorated with biscuits it's very tasty cake. ..
    Stylish yellow cake ...
    80 AED
  • Chocolate Cake  in sharjah
    Chocolate cake in round shape its very special in chocolate , cherry arranged top of the cake its more pretty. ..
    Chocolate cake in ro...
    118 AED
  • Strawberry Cake Flower Combo  in sharjah
    1 kg strawberry cake, 12 red rose bouquet,6 hellium baloon ..
    1 kg strawberry cake...
    305 AED325 AED
  • Red Velvet Cake  in sharjah
    Amazing Velvet Cake in round shape in that red and white cream on top of the cake. The most romantic, gorgeous, vibrant cake of all time. ..
    Amazing Velvet Cake ...
    120 AED
  • Caramel Farrero combo in sharjah
    1kg Caramel cake with 10 milky bar chocolate boquete and ,10 fresh rose boquete and 16 pieces of ferrero chocolate  ..
    1kg Caramel cake wit...
    435 AED
  • Red heart Sugar paste cake in sharjah
    it is  1kg red  heart sugar paste cake. ..
    it is  1kg red&...
    225 AED
  • Compleate chocolate  Combo in sharjah
    Compleate combo includes 1kg chocolate cake ,ferraro choclate box, 12 pices of mix chocolate  bar boquete ,12 red rose boquete and a small teddy bear. ..
    Compleate combo incl...
    435 AED510 AED
  • Colourfull Flower Boquet Strawberry Cake Combo in sharjah
    Colourfull Flower Boquet Strawberry Cake Combo is a compleate gift combo with a 6 colourfull fresh rose boquete ,strawberry cake ,10 milky bar boquete and a tddy bear. ..
    Colourfull Flower Bo...
    295 AED360 AED
  • chocolate flower combo gift  in sharjah
    1 kg chocolate cake decorated  a bouqet with six red rose nicely arranged. perfect gift for your loved one  ..
    1 kg chocolate cake ...
    200 AED210 AED
  • Chocolate Cake with oreo  in sharjah
    Chocolate Cake with oreo biscut on top ..
    Chocolate Cake with ...
    149 AED
  • Strawberry Cake  in sharjah
    stylish Strawberry cake in good taste, 2 Strawberry arranged top of the cake. ..
    stylish Strawberry c...
    120 AED
  • Birthday Cake in sharjah
    Perfect Birthday gift for your loved one lives in Sharjah. You can place order online and we do cake delivery in sharjah  1 kg Vaniala Cake   8+ppl  can serve ..
    Perfect Birthday gif...
    75 AED
  • Reddish Rose Cake in sharjah
    Reddish rose cake is a round shaped cake which is beautifully decorated with red roses  arranged like heart shape and chocolate balls are rounding the cake .cake is made of sugar paste and is of 1kg in weight . ..
    Reddish rose cake is...
    250 AED
  • Galaxy Cake combo in sharjah
    Galaxy cake combo include 1kg cake 6 flower 10 galaxy chocolate bouquete and one teedy bear. ..
    Galaxy cake combo in...
    449 AED
  • Angry Bird Cake in sharjah
    Cake is square in shape covered with sugar paste angry birds are present on it. ..
    Cake is square in sh...
    550 AED
  • Romantic Cake Combo  in sharjah
    Romantic cake combo in very stylish design that cake heart shape top of the cake and 6 balloons and 6 roses with that cake. ..
    Romantic cake combo ...
    320 AED
  • Rose Cake  in sharjah
    Awesome rose cake its more attractive, this very special for couples and lovers ..
    Awesome rose cake it...
    125 AED
  • Chocolate Cake Combo in sharjah
    Lovely chocolate cake ok 1 kg with fresh flower and 6 helium balloons. ..
    Lovely chocolate cak...
    313 AED355 AED
  • Triple Chocolate Cake Flower combo  in sharjah
    1 kg chocolate Cake  6 Fresh Red rose flower bouquet    The Gift Dubai Online has gifts for every occasion, whether it is a corporate gift for a colleague, employee or client; a 'Thank you'  gift for a host or hostess;to welcome a new baby; for a new mum; the new home bu..
    1 kg chocolate Cake&...
    180 AED200 AED
    Based on 2 reviews. in sharjah
  • Snow  Cake in sharjah
    square shape 1kg sugarpaste cake with beautifully arranged flowers like flying butterflies. ..
    square shape 1kg sug...
    300 AED
  • Chocolate a Cake in sharjah
    it is 1kg chocolate  cake beautifully decorated . ..
    it is 1kg chocolate&...
    125 AED
  • 16 Cup Cake Mix in sharjah
    16 mix cup cakes.   ..
    16 mix cup cakes.&nb...
    192 AED
  • Blueberry Cake in sharjah
    This is best blueberry cake moist and delicious, special attraction top of the white layer. ..
    This is best blueber...
    125 AED
  • Mango Cake in sharjah
    Mango cake in round shape, special attraction top of the strawberry it makes more stylish. ..
    Mango cake in round ...
    100 AED

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