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Chocolate Buying Guide For a Chocolate Fountain…


Add a touch of glamour and sophistication along with some fun into your party with the highly popular chocolate fountain. Partygoers across various ages are intrigued by the continuous flow of chocolate – to tell you the truth, this actually has a strong influence on adults. They take turns dipping marshmallows and strawberries in the free-flowing chocolate as it cascades down the levels, and may even jostle for position. Even those who aren't fond of chocolate can't resist the spell it casts. But be cautious! If you utilise the wrong type of chocolate, the allure of your chocolate fountain will quickly vanish.

Avoid these things in your chocolate fountain.

Using melted chocolate bars from the supermarket's confectionary aisle to fill your chocolate fountain is the quickest way to disaster. This variety has a thicker formulation that helps it hold its shape and prevents it from melting as rapidly. It has a thick, sticky consistency when it eventually melts, and you'll need to add vegetable oil to thin it out enough to run through your chocolate fountain. Believe me, it takes several tries to get the perfect density, and even then, your guests will be underwhelmed because the flavour will be completely different. Always get chocolate meant to give the fountain its consistency if you're going to build in one.

Why should you use Belgian Chocolate in your Chocolate Fountain?

Due to the availability of high-quality cocoa beans from the Congo, which was then one of Belgium's foreign territories, the chocolate business in Belgium grew rapidly towards the end of the nineteenth century. The invention of machines and techniques enabled chocolatiers to manufacture the fine, thin shells that could be filled with a variety of exquisite centres that are still so typical of today's continental chocolates, enhancing their knowledge and artistry. Belgian chocolate is known for its smooth, velvety texture and rich, strong flavour with just a trace of vanilla. It's the ideal chocolate for a chocolate fountain.

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