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    Gift baskets for grandparents


    Grandparents have a special relationship with their grandchildren. They are loving, caring and make cute gestures that can melt your heart. For instance, even when you are full, they keep feeding you or the time when they never let you go bare handed and slip you some money and tell you to buy something for yourself. These are some of the most cherished moments. So, what can we do to help them feel special? Each year, the 12th of September is celebrated as Grandparents Day. But, even if the day has passed, you can still show your love for them by giving them some health-conscious gifts when you meet them.

    Assorted Tea

    All elderly love to sip a good cup of tea. They enjoy their tea lounging in a comfortable chair, sitting in front of the TV or simply resting by the window. So get them a great gift box filled with premium tea bags so that they can enjoy their moment savouring the myriad rich flavours.

    Healthy Snack Box

    Gift Dubai Online makes it a point to bring some of the latest gifts to your doorstep. Check out the new Ain Al Jamat Walnut Jar, which contains healthy walnuts that come with myriad health benefits. These nuts are rich in omega 3 fats and contain high amounts of anti-oxidants. Walnuts also help improve brain health.


    Some grandparents love the company plants. If they are the ones who like outdoor gardening, then you can choose a beautiful flowering plant that they can plant and watch it grow. Otherwise, get a lively indoor plant that they can simply water and enjoy its company.

    Fruit Basket

    One of the oldest and best gift choices for grandparents are fruits. If you would have noticed, elders love fruits, and they would also give us some when we were younger. Get them a basket full of fresh fruits keeping in mind their virtues. This should make them happy and content.

    Dry Fruits

    A great traditional gifting choice, get a box of healthy dry fruits, and you can ensure that your grandparents are eternally happy. A good diet is essential during old age. Giving a lovely fruitsโ€™ basket will make their day shine.

    Superfoodsโ€™ Hamper

    Another healthy choice is a hamper filled with superfoods. Again, high nutrition food items can be packed together and presented to your grandparents. You may just have to remember their choice of foods and lifestyle to determine the most appropriate gift box for them.

    Ensure that you choose gifts that are liked by your grandparents so that they can feel good. Remember Gift Dubai Online offers a range of beautiful gifts for every occasion. We also customise offerings for each person โ€“ just the way they should receive them. So reach out to our portal and simply pick and choose the items you wish to gift and we will deliver it for you within the UAE โ€“ absolutely free!

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