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    Granma’s Birthday Gift


    Saavi and Arush were playing in the front room. Saavi “Let’s play hide and seek!” Arush “Boring…” Saavi “Should we try chess..?” Arush “I don’t know” Father enters from the front door Father: “Hey Kids! Look who’s here!” Both kids : “Granma! They run towards her and hug her”

    Saavi and Arush loved their grandmother. She always brought some goodies for them. Granma: “Here, I got some tiny sandwiches for you!” Both children jump up with glee and grab the packet. Granma: When you go to school tomorrow – you can share your savouries with them too!” Arush: “No! Granma – Im not going to share this with anyone! It’s just so delicious!” Granma: “Oh! Don’t be so selfish! By the way – what did you guys do in school today?” Saavi: “It was my friend’s birthday!” Granma: “ Birthday, is it? Then there must have been cake!” Saavi: “Yes Granma! There was this delicious Black Forest Cake. It was yummy!”

    Granma was always a very positive and cheerful person. One day there was a lot of commotion in the house. Daddy was trying to hang up lights, mom was busy in the kitchen, Arush was doing some chores – but all of them were working very quietly.

    Saavi went up to her brother and asked, “Arush! What’s going on?!” Aarush: “Shhh! Did you forget silly? It’s Granma’s birthday and we are going to be doing something special for her!” Saavi: “Oh yeah! I forgot completely!”

    There was a big ring at the door! DING DONG! As dad opened the door – there were huge flowers, cakes, gifts, cushions and much more! Saavi and Arush couldn’t believe their eyes.

    Daddy arranged everything and slowly went into Granma’s room to bring her out. They all decided to give her a loud surprise. And as Granma entered the room, they all screamed in unision “Surprise!” They all began singing ‘happy birthday’ and there were tears in her eyes!

    Best Birthday Gifts for Grandparents

    Birthdays are special to everyone, including grandparents. In fact, they hold special relevance to the grand generation – as they age, they give us valuable knowledge and education that we would otherwise not learn in this current day and age. Gift Dubai Online has a variety of cakes, flowers and gifts to offer. Here is a story of a grandmother who is adored and loved.

    Did you know? They bought all the gifts, cakes, and other savouries at Gift Dubai Online. Saavi and Aarush’s dad is a regular at GDO. Here are some great things that they bought:

    Mini Sandwich Mix:

    The mini sandwich mix is made up of falafel, lebena, nuggets, cheese and some hidden vegetables. This is the best way to keep children treated with health and happiness. Made up of fresh mint, tomatoes and pita bread, these mini sandwiches are always fresh at GDO.


    Saavi and Aarush got a treat on grandma’s birthday. They had an assortment of sweets laid out in front of them. First, there was the traditional basbousakista made of semolina soaked in sugar syrup. Some fine ground pistachios and orange flower water add the right flavour. There were also some brownies at the party. This delectable little feast made of cocoa powder and sugar is an all-time favourite with kids and adults alike, especially when it’s drizzled with chocolate. The cinnamon toffee is a delight and filled with nuts, granulated sugar and a whole lot of sweet cinnamon. This is a flavourful sweet that you can consume more than just once. GDO also has other exotic sweet treats such as the dates puff, cup fatayer mix and the more contemporary cupcakes.


    Grandma also got her fair share of chocolates along with the kids. In fact, the entire family could enjoy the chocolate box and chocolate frame arrangements. Dad also got mom a Ferrero Rocher bouquet. In addition, he made sure that grandma had a sweets hamper box arrangement and some truffle chocolate balls for her sweet tooth.

    Flowers and plants

    As a gift, grandma got an indoor plant too. GDO has a variety of plants such as Aloe Vera, Aglaonema Red, Codiaeum in a ceramic pot, Ficus Elastica, Gardenia Jasminoides (which is a flowering plant) and much more. However, grandma’s favourite is the Aloe Vera due to its various properties. It also helps keep the environment clean.

    The family also ordered some lovely flowers from GDO. Since grandma loved roses, daddy got the 100 red roses flower bouquet. Other flower assortments were also delivered so that the place could be decorated, such as elegant rose bouquet, the magnificent roses bouquet, which is very colourful and the premium mixed roses that contain different types of roses.


    Daddy also ordered a big cake for grandma’s big heart! He actually bought grandma two cakes because she loves two flavours: one chocolate and the other butterscotch. At GDO, these are the two popular and most in-demand flavours. The black forest cake came with white cream and was drizzled with rich chocolate on the top. There are some sweetened cherries to add to the delight. The butterscotch birthday cake was moist, rich and came with layers of brown sugar and caramel-butter cream icing. You can also preserve our freshly-baked cakes in the refrigerator and live up the memories the next day.

    The special gift

    Old age is for relaxing, and daddy saw to it that grandma got the best and most unique gift. They were two cushions. At GDO, you can customise your gifts – and therefore, grandma got not one but two inscriptions – one that said “To the best mom in the whole world!” and the other one with “To the best grandma in the whole world!”. Just like Saavi and Aarush did, you can also make your grandparents happy. Get them some of the best gifts available only at GDO.

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