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Mix Chocolates Flower Bouquet

AED 139.00

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"Mixed Chocolates Flower Bouquet" is a delightful and creative combination of chocolates and flowers presented in a bouquet-style arrangement. This unique gift idea merges the sweetness of chocolates with the beauty of fresh flowers to create a special and memorable present.

Gift details

1 Toblerone

1 KitKat

1 Cadbury dairy milk 

And some beautiful artificial flowers.

Care instructions for Chocolate & Sweets

  • Always store chocolate & Sweets in a cool, dry location away from a heat source and direct light.
  • The ideal storage environment should maintain a consistent temperature between 55 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep chocolate away from sources of strong odours as chocolate absorbs the odours of food and other strong smelling products around them.
  • Frozen chocolates will maintain their goodness for up to 6 months. If you are going to freeze your chocolates, put them in an airtight bag and when defrosting place in the fridge for 24 hours then move to room temperature for 24 hours.

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