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    Planning the best birthday party celebration ideas for Boys and Girls


    Planning a birthday party can be daunting as it is a big responsibility. The herculean task requires brainstorming, creativity, and innovation - all put together to create fascination and memorability. You also have to look for the perfect venue, get a great menu, and everything else within a well-thought-out budget. While it is absolutely fine to arrange an extravagant birthday party, it would also be delightful if you could add eco-friendliness to it to reduce carbon footprints that might follow your amusement.

    Settling on a theme

    Take the celebrations a notch higher with the right kind of theme and according to the guests' interests. Unless it's a surprise party, you must generally consult with the guests about their preferences. Give them a choice and create excitement around it. Alternatively, check on the birthday person's favourite habits to arrange the theme. Additionally, you could get a themed cake, costumes set accordingly, and decorations to match the works. Plan a memorable birthday party when the theme stays consistent throughout.


    These are a big part of the birthday party. First, make a list of people that you wish to invite. After that, go about printing the invites to make them personal. You can make this stage of the planning eco-friendly as well. There are some great e-invite designs available online. Go ahead and create something around the theme, gather email addresses, WhatsApp numbers or whatever platform that accepts pictures. Even better, create a video invite to personalise it for every member. Of course, you can always use recycled paper to hand-deliver your invitations.


    One of the central attractions of the birthday party is the food. Gift Dubai Online has a collection of fantastic bite-sized foods and cakes for every theme. If you so wish, you could also customise your cake or cupcakes. In addition, check out the range of chocolates, small-bites, themed cakes, including flowers, gifts and much more. Direct all the guests who would like to buy gifts for the birthday party to www.giftdubaionline.com for easy shopping.


    Did you know that disposable items only add to the depletion of the environment? Instead, choose steel utensils that you can reuse. If you still wish to use disposables, use cups and plates made of leaves and bamboo, making the entire party eco-friendly. Cloth napkins and glass jars are also an excellent addition for cutlery and accessories that are reusable.


    Run your party's theme on zero-waste principles. Reused and composted decorations can be put up to keep the occasion colourful and festive. Leaves, flowers and other decorative materials can be made of recyclable material. Fairly light glitters, and shin party hats are great to have at the party.


    At Gift Dubai Online, we have a range of gifts meant for every occasion. Reach out to the Birthday Gifts category to find a range of flowers, beautifully coloured and flavoured cakes, combos, guitars, balloons and much more. You can also personalise gifts with inscriptions, particularly for the birthday boy/girl. If you wish to choose truly environment-friendly gifts, then check out the plants' section on our portal.

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