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    Reusing Old Gift Boxes


    Technology has remarkably changed the way we order gifts and have them delivered. Although there is one thing that is always constant – it is the way they are packed. One way or the other, we tend to throw empty gift packages away without giving it even a little thought.

    But did you know you can actually get creative with the old gift boxes and reuse them and add them to your décor? Cardboard gift boxes can come in extremely handy when you really need them.

    Pot a plant

    Fit three sizeable gift boxes into each other so that they form a container. Then wrap them with a plastic sheet and then make some drainage holes. A small, light sapling can then be planted by putting some fertile soil.

    Rainbow storage boxes

    For storage, you can use cardboard boxes of any size. Wrap the outside in a beautiful sheet or cloth and paint it. The result is extremely stunning. Store smaller items such as socks, pens, toys, sewing kits etc. It can even act as an organiser at your table.

    Coasters on the dinner table

    You can cut out round pieces of cardboard, wrap them with colourful wrapping paper or even paint them in various shades. Of course, the shape and design are your preferences. Using the boxes, you can also make heat sheets at the dinner table.

    Magazine holder

    A pair of scissors and some measurements should give you a great, semi-diagonal magazine or newspaper holder. You can wrap them in colourful paper or use the newspaper itself as a wraparound. The craft should help you control the mess around you.

    Holding your showpiece

    This is an amazing creation, one that you will enjoy building. How would you like to display all your little antiques in one place? That is exactly what you can do with the left-over boxes. These work as great art holders, as you create them in the shape you like, hexagonal, square or a triangle. Place all your lightweight, small collectibles onto them – to create a lovely display.

    Tissue Box

    The most useful and simplest way to reuse your old cardboard boxes is to turn them into tissue boxes. All you have to do is cut out a small measured portion at the top of the cardboard box right at the middle, without reaching the edges. Then get a set of tissues and store them in here.

    A sequin letters’ garland

    Cut out alphabets as you dismantle the cardboard box. Thereafter, use some glue to attach some shining sequins across them to form a great sequence of letters. You can also create ‘Happy Birthday’ this way. Combine it with a bunch of balloons and a cake, and you have the perfect party coming up.

    Geometric cardboard lamps and lanterns

    Cut out squarish pieces of cardboard and glue them together to form an entire ball – and place the light right in the middle. Alternatively, they could be stackable designs as well. These can also be used as beautiful night lamps.

    Storage tote bags

    Another fantastic idea, you can cut out boxes and glue handles on top to create colourful bags where you can store small knitting items, sewing kits, etc. The storage looks very colourful.

    GDO also suggests using these with combos that are available on www.giftdubaionline.com to get the perfect blend of creativity and functionality.

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