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The Reason why Mom becomes Extra Special on Mother's Day


Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Celebrate this Mother's Day with Love and Smiles! She is a Pretty Angel and True Guardian sent straight from the heavens above, Let You make her moment special this Mother's Day 2023 with GDO Family. But Why do we Pick this Special day March 21 to Celebrate our Mother's Day? Curious? Let's find out the reason why Mother's day is celebrated on March 21 in UAE.

Everything You Need To Know About Mother's Day In UAE

UAE Mother's Day is a celebration that shows respect, gratitude, and honor to mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the Pillars of this society. Mother's Day Gifts in UAE is celebrated on March 21st each year, as this shows the first day of Spring in the United Arab Emirates!

The history of Mother’s Day in the Arab world goes back to Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians used to celebrate Isis, the goddess of motherhood, new life, and fertility. In memory of the original Ancient Egyptian tradition, it was decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on the first day of spring, signaling new life.

Arab Mother’s Day was first observed in Egypt on 21 March 1956 and was later adopted by other countries in the MENA region as well.

When Is Mother's Day Celebrated In The UAE?

International Mother's Day 2023 is celebrated on May 8 to remember all the efforts, sacrifices, and Persistence of all the moms around the Globe. Flowers for Mom are always special as they are the epitome of Love, Kindness, and Forgiveness. This is the Day we honor all your Moments and memories with your mother and make her Happy and Get her wishes to Motions if you are wondering when is Mother's day 2023 in the UAE, the answer is March 21st. In UAE Moms are Cherish on March 21 as March 21 is coined as UAE mother’s day by the Arab World.


Mother’s day in Other Countries

Mother’s Day is known as Mothering Sunday in the UK. It is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of lent or on a Sunday that falls three weeks before Easter. In India, the US, Japan, and other countries, the second Sunday of May is popular as Mother’s Day. Since then this mothers day is celebrated with great splendor. Children in all these countries spoil their moms with gifts, cakes, plants, flowers, and gestures that will make them feel extremely special.

Celebrate this Mother's day Cakes with GDO, Let her know that she means the world to you this mother’s day send her surprising gifts for mothers and treats. If you need to surprise her with the best Gifts for mothers to make her day special check out https://www.giftdubaionline.com/gift-delivery-by-occasions/mothers-day-cake-in-dubai to know more about Making the Moment your mom always wanted just to fly again just like an angel with you.