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The Story of Doughnut and Arabic Sweets Abu Dhabi- Gift Dubai Online


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How is this Creamy, savory, and Tasty Doughnut been Loved by the Arabs? Does the phrase “Doughnut time” belong only to Native Americans? How did Doughnuts become so popular? Let’s Discover all the Answers to these delicious doughnuts and Also find their relationship with the Savoury and Delicious Bavarian Arabic Sweets.

The History of Doughnut

Back in the 19th Century there lived a lovely lady who was the mother of a captain of the New England Ship named Elizabeth Gregory. She made deep-fried dough and used to add nutmeg and cinnamon along with lemon rind from her son’s (Captain Hanson Gregory) spice cargo.

She made this fried dough so that her son and his crew could store the pastry on long voyages. Eventually, Mrs. Gregory added Walnuts and Hazelnuts in the center which made the pastries to be called doughnuts.

The Credit for the Doughnut's shape which is the Hole in the center goes to Captain Gregory. He used to Screw his mom’s doughnuts on the spoke of his ship’s wheel while steering through the storm which required both his hands to steer. Thus the Doughnuts had a hole in its center and the Doughnut was Born.

Fun Fact

In 1937 Vernon and his two friends ended up having 25$ in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They borrowed potatoes, sugar, and milk from a caring shopkeeper and started baking thus creating a recipe that would change the world forever. They baked the first batch of Krispy Kremes that July.

Arabic Sweet Abu Dhabi - Tale & Origin

The History of Arabic sweet goes back to the Ottomans and Mamluks when the ancient Arabs made some delicate sweets and desserts that preserves the tradition till Now.

A lot of love and care are poured into the recipes that are transmitted from mothers to daughters! Arabic sweets are very different from foreign pastries.

The Origin of Arabic Sweet consists of Four major Desserts namely Basbousa, Halvah, Sweet Umm Ali & Kunafa.

Since Gregory is from the Netherlands the taste of Dutch Doughnuts became popular in Middle Eastern Countries. In UAE Countries doughnuts started to get popular and everyone who had a bite fell in love with the Middle Eastern doughnut.

Is the doughnut really a part of Sweets, Well the answer is No but still doughnut is still a favorite dessert for many people across UAE. If you are a Doughnut lover and wish to gift the best doughnut time to your friends and family across UAE then try the GDO’s delicious doughnuts from Dubai and also indulge yourself with the GDO’s famous traditional Arabic Sweets Dubai. Get Your Gift and Treat Today with same day delivery from Gift Dubai Online.