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    Unique Birthday Gifts!


    Finding a birthday gift for a loved one, friend or family can be quite daunting. The receiver is invariably excited about receiving a birthday gift. But what if you are just wrong and the person is disappointed? Not everyone can get a fancy item or a luxurious watch. Brainstormers at GDO have put together a great list of presents that you can give for those who seem to have everything and others that befits their persona.

    Based on personality

    Our likes, dislikes, and our personality define who we are. When you are familiar with a personโ€™s traits, it should be rather easy to choose a gift. Customising gifts according to the identity of the individual can leave a lasting impact. Here are some unique personality-based gifts that you can present.


    Get a gift with deep meaning and positive energy for those who are spiritually inclined. You can also choose the Laughing Buddha idol as a special gift.

    Geeks and nerds

    If you have a friend who is constantly engrossed in books and gadgets and excitedly indulging in techno conversations, then you must either choose a book or an electronic item to gift them. There are several smartwatches, headphones, etc., for the geeks.


    Especially for those who love parties, buy them a gift that helps them enjoy the show. Get some beer pitchers, Bluetooth speakers, bar accessories, etc. and get the party started.

    Fitness Freaks

    For some, staying fit is a way of life and for others, a hobby. Either way, these people would be more than happy if you were to give them healthy fruit baskets, hampers or fitness bands because they are always conscious of their health and fitness.


    Romance is everywhere. So, getting a gift for a romantic personality should be easy, if you know where to look. Remember that primarily they want everything heart-shaped. Furthermore, ensure that the gift is personalised and heart-warming. Of course, you can also give them a book of poems or get an on-call session with a poet to make them feel special.


    You donโ€™t have to think twice if you have a foodie as a friend. Just go to and look for some of the best gift hampers, snack hampers, dry fruit baskets, and more. Surprise your foodie friend with a discount coupon across various food outlets so that they can enjoy a good meal.

    Nature and Flower Lovers

    Natural beauty appeals to most. The rush of the river, the scent of flowers, etc., enchant them. Therefore, choose to give some exotic flowers or a beautiful plant. Brighten up the birthday with a refreshing vibe when you bring them flowers. Choose the best flower arrangements on We have some of the most unique assortments for you such as floral baskets, flower trays, bouquets, etc.

    Exclusive Gifts

    Exclusivity has the power to make anyone feel special. Customise the gifts for the receiver. Add a dose of emotions to the personalised gift, and the birthday will instantly become special. You can personalise cushions, photo frames, engrave crystals, design mugs and much more. For these types of exclusive personalised gifts, reach out to

    Donโ€™t let your gifts become donations or recyclable material. Speak to consultants at GDO to choose the best recommendations.

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