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    Make your cake delivery Dubai perfect with GDO’s cakes customized just for you! Whether it’s a marriage, anniversary, a birthday or simply dessert, we will hand it over at any doorstep.

    As we go around the sun each year, we celebrate our survival. And knowing 2020, it certainly is a joyous moment if you are reading this in 2021. Let me tell you a story.

    The first three months into my residential college, I spent most of my time around books, studying, and hatching plans to make it through my expensive engineering degree. I wouldn’t say that life was colorless, but I definitely saw less of colors. The only colorful respite I found was in a big tree on the campus that sprouted deep green leaves, and I could actually visualize it through my window! What a blessing! It felt ornamental. And then there was the occasional brightness and cheer that ran through the corridors when the other students would indulge in their schemes.

    A television in the lobby ran a few popular shows. Reality TV always awed me. Especially, when contestants would get emotional about their backgrounds, where they came from, where they stood today, how their parents helped them, and, in the end, how much they missed their loved ones due to their endurance on the stage. I empathized. Right now, I felt like a reality TV contestant, I missed my parents, my friends, my brother, and it was still the first three months into my enrollment.

    I was the only one in my college that chose to attend a different residential college due to its curricular offering. But the others in the house seemed to know each other very well. They had at least one companion from their school. The morose look on my face was, maybe, too evident, when on a lovely Thursday morning, my roommate asked me if I was feeling well. I even wondered if it was so obvious. I just brushed it off, saying it was nothing. At that moment, my phone rang – just like sunshine after a storm – it was my parents, to my relief.

    “Mom!” I was almost yelling into my phone. “You remembered!”

    My parents found it rather amusing. Who would forget their own daughter’s birthday? Not these ones for sure! They even remembered the day I got my first wound on my little finger, playing.

    “You silly girl! How could we forget?” Mom said.

    And then in an instant dad crackled into the phone “Happy Birthday Munchkin!”

    I was elated – just like the contestants in the reality show. I almost sniffled.

    Mom’s motherly antennae somehow picked up the sound, just like it would a pin dropping in sheer silence.

    “Why are you crying beta?” It was almost divine!

    “I MISS YOUUUU GUYS!!!” I cried.

    Another thing my parents found amusing. They were only a couple of hours away from my residency.

    “Well… do you want to come home?” Dad asked.

    “No…I…I have a lot of college work to catch up on.” I said feeling very responsible.

    “All right!” Dad said. “Good bye!”

    I was shocked! The phone died at the other end. And I was dying inside. That’s it? Was that all? I didn’t matter to my family anymore! No gifts, no cakes, no nothing.

    Then as the alarm began ringing it was time for class.

    It was Thursday afternoon by the time I got off my classes. I came back to my room only to find my roommate missing again – attending herself another party probably! She left a note “Will be back late! Enjoying with my friends in Deira!”

    A dagger stabbed through my heart! It was my BIRTHDAY for heavens’ sake! I began mulling over my life, sitting on my plush mattress, holding my latest iPhone and peering into my mac computer to find ways of cheering myself up.

    There was a gentle knock on the door. “Come in!” I said, not worried whether I was disheveled or well-dressed. Who cares anyway! Another knock happened “Hey I said, come in” I yelled. No response. I was sure it was a prank and didn’t bother to get up from my MAC. There was a knock again and this time I almost blew my top. “Who the hell is it? Can’t you just come in?” I yelled as I yanked the door open.

    A beautiful chocolate cake, with red flowers, a guitar and a chocolate bouquet greeted me. “Surprise!” it said. I had to peer above the massive combination to see what was behind. It was my roommate, my parents and my brother!

    “Oh, My Goodness!” I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. They were here for me! And my cheeky roommate kept it all under wraps.

    “But how did you do all this?”

    “GDO, Beta, GDO…” M om said… And then I thought to myself. “So, GOD does exist!”

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