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Which flowers are the best gifts?


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”– Henri Matisse

Flowers have long been a traditional and elegant means of expressing emotions such as love, caring, compassion, happiness, friendship, and support. People send fresh flowers online or deliver them in person to greet their loved ones and express their sentiments on occasions that range from modest to significant. GDO delivers some of the freshest flowers in the Middle East. We have a variety of flower arrangements and some great bouquets for every occasion. Flowers are considered some of the best gifts and a great way of reminding the recipient that you are indeed thinking about them. Here is a list you might want to refer to when you wish to gift flowers to someone.


A representation of unwavering mother’s love, carnations are available in a range of colours and symbolise charm and affection. Dark red carnations stand for intense love and affection, light red carnations for admiration, white carnations for pure love and good fortune. Pink carnations are the most significant, while purple ones stand for gentleness. Send a bunch of beautiful flowers right away to someone you care about if you want to!


Roses are amazingly eternal. If there’s no bouquet without a rose, there’s no list without mentioning the flower! Presenting a floral arrangement made up of roses, to your significant other is a popular gesture. They are seen as a symbol of good fortune, love, and affection.The two colours that most women prefer in roses are red and pink. When considering giving flowers to your girl, red roses are undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind. Love can be in the air at any time, even though this is a common pick for Valentine's Day.


The sunflower not only shouts summer but also does best during any time of year. It is a cheerful and vibrant flower that represents luck, long life, happiness, faith, and adoration. Sunflowers' vibrant yellow colour is enough to brighten anyone's day. These blooms frequently serve as the focal point of a bouquet of flowers for this and many more reasons.

White Lilies

One of the nicest flowers to buy a girl are white lilies because they are a common bloom. Most often, these flowers represent purity or devotion. Depending on the lily's species, culture, and colour, this flower's meaning might change. Greek myths associate flowers with childbirth and rebirth. Lilies are typically associated with the connotation of luck. Lilies could be the flower to send if your girlfriend needs some luck or if you want to remind her of your commitment to her. In a bouquet, they look stunning as a star.


Daffodils are frequently utilised for a 10th wedding anniversary traditional gift, but they also make great gifts for women. You don't need to be married to give this flower as a gift, so don't worry. It denotes prosperity. Sending this flower to your partner while they’re away will only mean signs of luck and happiness. They are related to fresh starts as well. This can be the ideal flower for a fresh start when travelling outside the country for a significant opportunity.They are also associated with optimism because they are among the first perennials to bloom after the winter. These flowers make wonderful presents for the women in your life because of the joy and happiness they may spread.

These abundant flowers can help you express your feelings if you are at a loss for words or wish to convey your deepest feelings. The ideal way to commemorate significant life events and warm everyone's hearts with love from our online flower delivery in UAE.