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    Wish you all a very HOPPY and EGGCELLENT Easter!


    The tradition of Easter and its assortment of goodies are a thousand years plus tradition. It is time to exchange gifts baskets filled with chocolates, toys, bunnies, all in pastel shades, beckoning the season of spring. Here are some fantastic gift ideas brought to you by GDO.

    Blue Easter Cake

    The Blue Easter Cake is a blue-coloured easter cake with egg-shaped pastel fondant designs on its side. Choose from an assortment of flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, and mixed. Get a caramel cream or chocolate cream filling or a topping of plain rich vanilla for added fun!

    Chocolate Nest Cake

    For all the chocolate lovers out there, GDO brings this special egg and nest treat. A luscious one kg chocolate cake is topped with the cutest of nests with three colourful easter eggs resting inside them. You get an icing of fresh cream on top of it. Choose a surprise midnight delivery from us!

    Easter Bunny KitKat Cake

    How would you like a cute bunny digging into chocolate to gobble up its treat? Get this cutest 1.5 kg Easter Chocolate Cake with icing of fresh cream and fondant bunny back, lunging into an assortment of colourful M&Mโ€™s. The gift is absolutely perfect for both children and adults but will definitely add an extra cheer on your liโ€™l oneโ€™s face!

    Easter Egg Design Cake

    Get the beautiful Egg-styled cake with pastel-shaded flowers placed on top of it. The cake is available in different flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and a chocolate and vanilla mixed flavour. For the child in you, get a snicker or white forest filling for added excitement!

    Classic Easter Mug

    Get this special white ceramic coffee mug and present a personalised gift to your loved one, friend or family. You can have โ€˜Happy Easterโ€™ inscribed on it in black and white or within a beautiful pastel-coloured flower creeper.

    GDO brings the best assortment of gifts for every season. Order your preference today!

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