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    Fantastic housewarming gift ideas for new homeowners


    A housewarming gift requires more than just searching across the local mart. You have to THINK a lot before you present something for the house. The gesture is more than just a way of decorating the home. You definitely cannot come up with a housewarming gift quickly.

    Reusing Old Gift Boxes


    Technology has remarkably changed the way we order gifts and have them delivered. Although there is one thing that is always constant – it is the way they are packed. One way or the other, we tend to throw empty gift packages away without giving it even a little thought.

    What are the Best women's perfume in affordable price?


    For Emiratis, perfumes are more than just a way of life. The usage of attar is an age-old tradition that has only given room for scaling over to bigger brands and contribute to the Arabic lifestyle.

    FATHER’S DAY GIFTS Daughters adore their dads – here’s why


    Respective and supportive fathers teach their daughters to expect all these good things in every relationship. Daughters also perceive their dads in their own romantic relationships. The way fathers interact with their daughters can influence the rest of their life choices.

    Unique Birthday Gifts!


    Finding a birthday gift for a loved one, friend or family can be quite daunting. The receiver is invariably excited about receiving a birthday gift. But what if you are just wrong and the person is disappointed? Not everyone can get a fancy item or a luxurious watch.

    Some Super Cool Birthday Gifts!


    Some of the best gifts come from unforeseen quarters. They can be funny, fascinating and even stimulate the interest of the receiver. It would be best if you make the birthday gift unusual or something that stimulates the imagination of the receiver. Gift Dubai Online brings you a compilation of gift ideas that you can present to your friends, family or loved ones.

    Arabian Nights Themed Party For Your Anniversary


    Anniversaries are one of the most important occasions for a couple. Strong bonds of love are fortified with each passing year, and you are looking for ways to celebrate coveted moments differently.



    When you get married, you make promises of living together forever and supporting each other through thick and thin. While the process sounds extremely easy, real-life is totally different. Staying together takes a lot of work. You have to make time for each other and spend that moment efficiently to instil fun and excitement into your relationship. Liven up your married life and add fun with these tips that we have for you.



    One of the most sorted means of appreciation is corporate gifting, where you can be thankful to customers for their business. The gesture is positive, and in B2B segments, corporate gifting is adopted as a strategy to deepen client relationships.



    We are as excited as you are to celebrate the month-long Ramadan. Our enthusiasms know no bounds. The ninth month on the Islamic calendar is extremely pious for the Muslim community worldwide.

    Wish you all a very HOPPY and EGGCELLENT Easter!


    The tradition of Easter and its assortment of goodies are a thousand years plus tradition.

    Best Sweets in Dubai


    Sweets are taste bud exciters. Once you taste them, you always want a bit more. Sugary treats are an essential part of every season. From festivals to spring and winters, every home is brightened up with sweets and smiles.

    Best Gift Ideas for Occasions in the UAE


    If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, then 2021 brings better and brighter days as we are just recovering from the devastation to see better days.

    Mother’s Day 2021 – Make it Special!


    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you must be on the hunt for the perfect present. You want to shower the best gifts on the first woman in your life.

    Best Women’s Day Gifts


    With women’s day right around the corner, you are looking for befitting, hard-to-forget gifts for the women in your life.

    Are you cutting your cake, right?


    Birthday? Wedding? Anniversary? We’re sure there is a cake for every occasion. Typically, a round cake is cut into triangular slices.

    Best Gifts Online Colognes and Perfumes for men


    Colognes and perfumes can be great anniversary, and birthday gifts. GDO brings a collection of some of the best colognes available for men. Here is a true appreciation to some great men’s perfumes.

    Great Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gifts In Dubai


    With February 14th right around the corner, we bet you are looking for some great Valentine’s Day Gifts in Dubai for your special someone. Flowers and Candy go a long way, but to make your sweetheart feel special, why don’t you try getting something unique this time?

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